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Do You Need To Consult With A Phoenix Coronavirus Lawyer?

There are multiple reasons why it may be crucial for you to consult with a Phoenix coronavirus lawyer. Life and living conditions in America shifted radically once the coronavirus, or COVID-19, arrived and upset everything.

It’s been requested we all make sacrifices to stop the spread of the virus, particularly to safeguard the most at-risk, e.g., the aged and people with weak immune systems.

However, during this challenging time, we should never surrender patient or individual safety in a panic over our current situation. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other staff in charge of caring for us have always had the legal responsibility to implement infection control measures to manage a pandemic like COVID-19.

Unfortunately, several people made a choice to disregard these stipulations, reasoning “it’ll never happen to us.” The coronavirus is no reason for care providers to give up in a panic and seeming defeat. These may be challenging conditions, but it’s not a legitimate justification for doing the wrong thing and being negligent.

Have You Suffered Injury Due To COVID-19?

Have you been harmed, or have a loved one who’s been hurt or has died due to the coronavirus and COVID-19? If so, you may need a Phoenix coronavirus attorney. Reach out to our legal team for a free consultation. Our lawyers can render legal assistance concerning:

  • Healthcare professionals who’ve failed to supply personal protective equipment (PPE) to patients and healthcare facility staff (nurses, doctors, etc.).
  • Nursing home and assisted living facilities who’ve neglected to supply adequate personnel throughout a quarantine.
  • Healthcare facilities that have neglected to execute a feasible infection control protocol with respect to coronavirus.
  • A business utilizing the coronavirus as a justification to terminate workers when the genuine intention is something different
  • A company neglecting to furnish reasonable time off for staff throughout the coronavirus pandemic. This particularly applies to workers needing to attend to children impacted by school closures.
  • Insurance firms and landlords insisting the coronavirus isn’t adequate to prompt “force majeure” clauses (additionally referred to as an “act of God” clause) plus demanding small businesses make lease payments or rent even though they’re not open.

The above are only some of the reasons you should consult with a Phoenix coronavirus lawyer. Using this pandemic to harm or cheat others is entirely inappropriate. Let us help you find justice in your case.

Phoenix Nursing Home Lawsuits Due To COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has been responsible for the death of thousands of aging residents in nursing homes all over the country.

In several instances, these cherished elderly folks passed away without the presence and support of a loved one. Families still can’t visit parents, grandparents, or spouses because of constraints on nursing home visitors. It’s a tragedy that’s unprecedented in our lifetimes.

There are one-hundred forty-six nursing homes in Arizona (also referred to as skilled nursing facilities). There are seven-hundred ninety-two confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona as of June 14. Out of that group, one-hundred twenty-nine has died.

NOTE: The death statistics amongst senior facilities is most likely quite a bit higher. The federal data doesn’t take into account assisted-living facilities. It only compels nursing homes to report cases up to May 8, 2020. The reporting of previous cases and deaths is discretionary.

Were these premature deaths due to nursing home neglect? That should be investigated and determined. If a family member passed away from COVID-19 in a Phoenix nursing home, or anywhere in Arizona, reach out to us for a free consultation. You may qualify for compensation for your loss.

Nursing Home Neglect And COVID-19

Nursing home negligence usually includes inferior care or dereliction of duty resulting in injury to or the death of a resident. The first skilled nursing facility in America to recognize an outbreak of COVID-19 in residents was in the State of Washington.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigated the outbreak. They distributed an early release of the results in a series titled The Morbidity And Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). It was found that:
Once COVID-19 infiltrated a nursing home, it “has the potential to result in high attack rates among residents, staff members, and visitors.”

Limitations stopped the successful control and spread of the virus, including employees who operated in more than one facility.

There’s a crucial demand for long-term care facilities to institute effective strategies to stop COVID-19 from being introduced into the population of nursing homes.

As the coronavirus spread nationally, it wasn’t easy to execute active measures to stop and manage COVID-19 outbreaks in nursing homes. Skilled nursing facilities encountered many of the corresponding supply chain challenges that hospitals were struggling with, e.g., limited availability of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Why Are Nursing Home Lawsuits Being Filed?

Already, multiple states are seeing the filing of nursing home lawsuits. The principal accusation nursing homes are facing is that the establishment had insufficient preparations deployed to stop and manage the infection of patients, employees, and health care providers.

Even though nursing homes are high-risk environments due to the population of high-risk patients, they’re expected to possess the facilities, policies, and procedures to restrict the unchecked spread of threats like the coronavirus.

No amount of money can compensate for the loss of a loved one. Nevertheless, obtaining a victory in a COVID-19 nursing home lawsuit can help achieve the justice to which your family is entitled.

Many states foresaw an uptick in claims due to the coronavirus pandemic. They established new immunity laws to shelter health care facilities and their staff from liability. Arizona is one of the states with some of those immunity protections.

Nonetheless, if you’ve endured the death of a loved one due COVID-19 in an Arizona nursing home, contact us now to review your legal rights. There may still be options available to hold the negligent parties responsible for the loss you’ve endured.

Answers To Some Common COVID-19 Questions

We know employers, employees, healthcare facilities, and more are dealing with conditions they never imagined would occur. It can be difficult to work our way through the impact this pandemic has had on basic human rights.

Unquestionably you may have many questions having to do with employment and COVID-19. Here are some helpful answers.

If I’ve gone out of state, can my company demand I quarantine?

All businesses should heed instructions from the CDC. It’s essential to avoid traveling whenever feasible and obey local stay-at-home mandates. In Arizona, all persons who go out of state to regions with a significant coronavirus outbreak will be required to implement a 14-day quarantine.

My company has informed me they’ll need to check my body temperature before entering the workplace, is that legal?

Usually, this isn’t standard practice and may be deemed illegal. Nevertheless, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has issued direction which permits employers to check workers’ temperature to help halt the spread of COVID-19.

Can I be fired if I’m unable to work due to coronavirus?

It depends on the particulars in your particular case. If you fall ill with COVID-19 and are incapable of working, you should be granted up to twelve weeks of sick leave. Remember, this is solely attainable for workers who meet the requirements.

What do I do if my company orders me to return to work, in spite of stay-at-home orders?

Currently, our governor has directed all non-essential employees to work at home. If you find yourself in this situation, reach out to us to discuss your options.

How Can The Phoenix Coronavirus Lawyers At 423HURT Help Me?

With so many things up in the air, you may be uncertain regarding taking legal action in your situation. For many people, traversing the difficulties and grievances arising due to COVID-19 can be especially challenging. We’re here to support you in navigating all the complexities.

What Our Phoenix COVID-19 Lawyers Can Offer

We understand, like people everywhere, your life has been impacted. Let us assist you. Our attorneys can offer:

  • Dedicated support and legal direction throughout this troublesome time
  • Lawyers who are ready to evaluate the most desirable way to proceed
  • Sympathetic attorneys who are committed to seeing you through the entire process
  • Specialists who can produce satisfying answers to your numerous questions
  • Responsible and qualified team members who’ll seek the justice you deserve

Three Reasons You May Require An Attorney During Coronavirus

COVID-19 has had a significant effect on people around the world. The lifestyles we’ve enjoyed for many years has shifted, maybe forever. With how our civilization has had to adjust to these new developments, there’s still a demand for legal services, despite coronavirus.

The globe doesn’t stop rotating even during a crisis. Things may slow down a bit, but people still need guidance from legal specialists, maybe now more than ever. We’re standing by to accommodate you with the support you need and deserve throughout this period so full of uncertainty.

Here are three good reasons you made need legal assistance during this challenging time:

#1: Employee Issues

As a business owner, issues involving workers will still occur. You may be handling circumstances with employees who’ve been injured on the job, the necessity to fire workers for unsatisfactory performance, etc. You’ll want legal advice to guarantee you’re handling employment problems in the safest and most beneficial way possible.

#2: Assisted Living Facilities And Nursing Homes

Issues may undoubtedly arise when medical businesses, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes are involved. If your loved one has suffered injury or negligence in a nursing home, contact us for guidance on your next move.

If a nursing home has neglected its duties to adequately safeguard your loved one during coronavirus and COVID-19 by implementing essential protocols, you may cause to seek the recovery of damages.

#3: Personal Injury

In spite of the pandemic we’re all dealing with, accidents continue to occur. Whether you’ve been the victim of a car accident, a slip and fall, a dog bite attack, medical malpractice, or some other mishap, it’s in your best interest to consult with a Phoenix personal injury attorney and explore taking legal action.

Procedural Issues During Coronavirus

Several courtrooms have restricted access, which means the courtrooms will allow only a limited number of people. Some people may even take part via the use of a phone or video conference. Rest assured, your case will be a priority, notwithstanding these challenges, and will get the attention it warrants. We’re used to these unusual procedures and have adapted accordingly.

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What Will It Cost To Hire A Phoenix Coronavirus/COVID-19 Lawyer?

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There are NO FEES unless we win. There’s no risk to you.

Your initial consultation is free. There’s absolutely no obligation. This empowers you to receive answers to all your questions about your options without any pressure.

You won’t pay any upfront expenses. There are no attorney fees unless we prevail by negotiating a settlement on your behalf or winning your case in court. We only accept cases we believe we can win. Again, we don’t collect any fees until we deliver payment for your case.

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