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Our Attorneys Are Motorcycle Accident Specialists

We understand the thrill of the open road and the freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle. Whether you ride a bike as your daily driver or enjoy taking your bike out for long trips on the weekends, we understand the rush of driving a motorcycle.

We also understand the risks. Everyone who rides knows car drivers never seem to pay attention to motorcycles. While you’re more maneuverable and able to get out of the way, you lose the protection of having a solid frame around you. When accidents happen, they tend to happen faster than you can lay the bike down or get out of the way.

Injuries can be much more severe. Even a robust set of motorcycle gear can only protect you so much. No matter how careful a rider you are, all it takes is for the other party to get distracted for a split second and lose control.

Whether they’re drowsy behind the wheel or their phone suddenly rings, when that driver loses control, the only thing between your body and their vehicle is your reaction time.

Have You Been Injured While On A Motorcycle?

If you’re one of the thousands of motorcyclists involved in an accident every year in Phoenix and Arizona as a whole, we can help.

Following an accident, we hope you’re not injured. No matter how you feel, you should see your doctor immediately as sometimes you don’t feel injuries for a day or so. Even comparatively minor bumps on a bike can cause severe trauma if untreated. It doesn’t take a lot of force to break a bone, wrench your neck, or sprain your back.

Adrenaline will keep you going for a while, but the sooner you seek medical attention, the better. If you don’t know where to go or call, we encourage you to start with us. Our team has worked with some of the highest quality physicians in Phoenix, and we can direct you where to start.

Additionally, if you call us, we can immediately handle the stress of dealing with insurance companies so you can focus on your recovery.

The insurance company for the person at fault is immediately going to adopt a defensive posture. They know they have to pay, and their job is to pay as little as possible. They also know when dealing with motorbike accidents, the damage can be much more severe. They’ll immediately move to minimize their payout, all while you’re still recovering from your injuries.

As Your Phoenix Accident Attorney, We Aggressively Go After Your Highest Possible Recovery

After a motorcycle accident, your entire life can change. You may have injuries in need of treatment, your bike could be dented up or even totaled, you may have to get a rental car, and if you miss work, there are lost wages to consider.

An accident’s stress can also make it difficult to recall precisely what you were doing right before you were hit.

Insurance companies love to prey on this uncertainty. If they can convince you to admit you may have done something wrong, that may lower the amount of the settlement.

Let us represent you in these tricky situations. We’ll gather all of your bills and any other related evidence. Then we’ll negotiate with the insurance company and get you the maximum settlement possible in your case.

You Pay Nothing Until We Win

We only collect money after we win your case. We handle the research. We coordinate collecting your medical records. We get all of your paperwork for the motorcycle repair shop, and anything needed else put together. We make sure all your injuries and damage are documented. We make sure everything is taken care of for you.

We’ll fight with the insurance company on your behalf. You won’t receive insurance company phone calls at random hours trying to push you to say things that’ll cost you money. You won’t deal with insurance company paperwork trying to convince you to jump through hoops in the hopes you get frustrated and go away.

We make the process of getting what you’re owed as smooth and seamless as possible. We’ll be with you every step of the way, including medical bills negotiations, getting payment from the insurance company, and until the last check is delivered to you.

We’ll Come To You If You Can’t Come To Us!

You may be injured, and your bike may be totaled. Your life has changed, hopefully in the short term. To make things easier for you, we’re entirely mobile to serve the needs of our clients. Our staff will come to you to assist with getting your case started.

If you’re not located in the Phoenix metro area, we’ll set up a remote video conference. We’ll make it as easy as possible.

Covered Expenses While You Recover From Your Accident

  • Rental Car – While your bike is being repaired, we’ll work to get you back on the road. You shouldn’t have to take a bus or ask for rides from friends.
  • Lost Wages – Missing work due to your injuries? Do you have to take time off for doctor visits? All of this is covered.
  • Medical Bills – If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, insurance will cover all the bills, not just your co-pays. They have to compensate for everything.
  • Motorcycle Repair – The insurance company owes you for the costs of getting your motorcycle back to looking just how you remember before the accident.
  • Pain And Suffering – While we can’t take the pain away, insurance companies owe you for the time you spent hurting because of the accident.

The Three Most Important Things To Do If You Have Just Been In A Motorcycle Accident

Step 1. Go to the emergency room, or see your doctor, if you haven’t already been taken to the hospital by ambulance. Call us before that, if at all possible. We can refer you to a doctor who’ll take care of you without requiring upfront payment.

You need to get checked out even if you think things seem okay. Injuries from motorcycle accidents sometimes don’t show until later in the day or over the next few days. When a sudden accident happens, your body releases adrenaline quickly into your bloodstream. It’s designed to give you the strength to flee from what it thinks is a life-threatening situation.

It deadens pain and also affects how your brain functions. For these reasons, it’s incredibly common for people, even with severe injuries, to not feel them. It can cause people to think they’re okay, only to realize later they have severe injuries. Any delay in medical care can also make your injuries worse. Always see a doctor immediately after an accident.

Step 2. Are you feeling any numbness anywhere? If so, it’s even more important to get checked out. Spinal injuries are prevalent in motorcycle accidents. Some are mild, and some are serious. Either way, you’ll have issues if you’ve suffered a spinal injury, you must see a doctor. The sooner you’re diagnosed and treated, the better the chances of you making a full recovery.

Step 3. Remember, if you call us first, you can see the best doctor for your type of injury without having to pay upfront. We’ve worked with hundreds of Phoenix medical professionals. We’ve been with our clients from the initial injuries to their outcomes. We recommend some of the best doctors in the Phoenix area that’ll immediately start treatment without you having to pay.

These doctors understand you’re hurt now, and you may be having to take time off work to heal. They also know we’ll fight on your behalf to get the best possible recovery. They’ll do everything to help you heal, and we’ll do everything to ensure the insurance company pays for it.

The Three Most Important Things Not ToDo If You’ve Just Been In A Motorcycle Accident

  1. DO NOT admit fault before talking to your attorney, ever. Insurance companies may use anything you say against you. You’ve just been in an accident. You may not have all your senses. Get medical attention and let your lawyer do the talking.
  2. DO NOT give a recorded statement without your lawyer present. The insurance company will try to get you to talk soon after the accident. They do this when they know you’re still confused and might say something they can manipulate to save them money. Just stay silent until you have an attorney present.
  3. DO NOT cash an insurance check. They’ll try to settle with you right away. By cashing it, you may forfeit your rights to further settlement money. If they try to give you a check, you can be sure you’re owed much more.

As Expert Motorcycle Accident Attorneys, We’re Prepared To Handle The Worst Accidents

We’re the motorcycle accident lawyers you need to represent you in this type of accident. We’ve successfully dealt with them all in the past, and we’ll do the same for you. No matter how the accident happened, we’ll do what needs to be done so you can resume your life as quickly as possible.

Seven Things You Can Expect From Us As Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Phoenix

  1. A free consultation with no obligation. Always.
  2. Appointments with the best doctors available to treat your particular injuries.
  3. We’ll get all accident reports as well as all supporting documentation and witness statements. From there, we’ll ensure all your damages are accurately represented in any settlement offer. We’ll deal with the Arizona Department of Public Safety to get them if need be
  4. Expect compensation for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and motorcycle repair (if the bike isn’t totaled).
  5. We’ll relieve you of the hassle of processing accident insurance claims.
  6. Vehicle rental assistance without having to pay for it upfront.
  7. Expect the highest recovery possible under the insurance policy for your accident.

What Will It Cost To Hire A Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Not to worry. 423HURT has you covered.

There are NO FEES unless we win. There’s no risk to you.

Your initial consultation is free. There’s absolutely no obligation. This empowers you to receive answers to all your questions about your options without any pressure.

You won’t pay any upfront expenses. There are no attorney fees unless we prevail by negotiating a settlement on your behalf or winning your case in court. We only accept cases we believe we can win. Again, we don’t collect any fees until we deliver payment for your case.

Let’s get started on your claim. Call us or contact us online today. Our lawyers will start working on your personal injury case immediately.

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